Praiano Christmas Events Program

from December 3rd to 3 dicembre 2023 al 7 gennaio 2024


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Sunday december 3rd, 2023

from 9:00am – Piazza San Gennaro

Charity Market: All the proceeds go to the to the mission of Father Gianni, a missionary in Albania.

Organized by the San Gennaro Parish.


at 14:30 – Piazza San Luca

Welcome to the Christmas Spirit. The afternoon is dedicated to all the children of Praiano with music, inflatable games and sweeties.

Organized by P.A. Resilienza Costiera Amalfitana Odv.

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At 18:30 – Chiesa di San Luca

At 19:00 – Chiesa di San Gennaro





Wednesday December 6th 2023

Chiesa San Gennaro V. e M.

Festa di San Nicola (feast of Saint Nicholas)

Holy Masses at 7 - 9 - 18 as usual with distribution of fresh bread called "panelle"

at 19:00 "The solidarity bread"– Feast of the homemade bread.





December 8th/9th/10th 2023

Christmas Market for solidarity funds

Piazza San Luca from 10:00 (only Saturday from 15:00)

Local crafts, Christmas decorations, sweeties and gift ideas.


La stella di Natale AIL - The Chistmas Star for charity

Piazza Antico Seggio | Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche

Days to raise funds for the AIL - Italian Association against leukemia-lymphomas and myeloma

Organized by AIL Praiano Volunteers.





(Until December 31st, 2023)

Congrega del SS Rosario – Piazza San Luca


The exhibition traces Picasso’s stay in Naples in the spring of 1917, focusing on the suggestions related to his listening to Neapolitan songs.

The December openings days are : Saturday December 9th and Saturday December 23rd from 15:30 to 17:30.

Organized by Fondazione Bideri





Friday December 8th, 2023

Festività dell'Immacolata Concezione (feast of the Immaculate Conception)

Church San Luca Ev. Holy Masses at 10.30 – 17.30

Church San Gennaro V. e M. Holy Masses at 9 –11 –18

at 12:00 Floral tribute to the Madonna della Neve


Piazza San Luca at 9:00 Misuriamoci. Chi si ama ci segua (Let us test ourselves. Let those who love theirselfs follow us) Prevention against cardiovascular diseases

Made by Amalfi Coast Red Cross Dept.


At 18:30 Chiesa di San Luca

Coro di Natale

a joyful concert will open the Praiano Christmas Time. Coro di Natale (the Christmas Choir) of the vocal and instrumental group la Coriola. From medieval liturgy to the American songs and melodies of the Neapolitan tradition, the “Coriola” will perform instrumental melodies and also “a cappella”.

By th group “La Coriola”.

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Saturday December 9th 2023

At 15:30 Museo Parrocchiale di San Luca

L'Eco del Natale. The association “Voli Pindarici” will complete, with our children, the ecological Christmas decorations made in other previous events and which will go on the Christmas tree in Piazza San Luca

Made by Voli Pindarici Association

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At 18:30 – Chiesa di San Luca

Il Natale di Pulcinella - will be represented the dramatic reading “Il Natale di Pulcinella” (The Christmas of Pulcinella)

Made by Barattoli Cosmici Association

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Domenica 10 dicembre '23

dalle ore 15:00 A Tutto GASS! Giovani e adulti insieme per la sicurezza stradale. An afternoon dedicated to the road safety to raise awareness of the risks related to accidents on the roads. All participants will be able to wear special glasses that, with a specific optical technology, will give the visual perception similar to the one you have while drunk or after using drugs.

Organized by CRI– Costa Amalfitana.



at 18:30 Congrega del SS Rosario – Piazza San Luca

Il Senso dell'Amore


Edward Elgar, Philippe Gaubert, Nino Rota, Benjamin Godard, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Ennio Morricone: a journey of love and hope. Guided by the musical poetic melodies of the greatest composers of the '900, the concert is entitled “il Senso dell’amore” ( the "Sense of love" ).

Made by AFI Falaut ETS

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  at 19:00 – Chiesa di San Gennaro -SOLIDARITY BINGO






Wednesday December 13th, 2023

Festa di San Lucia

Holy Masses at 17:30 / at 18:00 Church of San Luca and Church of San Gennaro


at 19:00 Church San Luca

Concerto di Natale - Christmas Concert

The most famous arias from Goffredo Mameli and Michele Novaro, to Von Litz up to Schubert, will be performed by violins by Annastella and Daniele Gibboni and by piano by Pietro Gatto in the Christmas Concert.

Organized by Praiano Chamber and Jazz Music Association





Saturday December 16th, 2023

At 15:30 Centro Culturale Andrea Pane

L'Eco del Natale.The association “Voli Pindarici” will complete, with our children, the ecological Christmas decorations made in other previous events and which will go on the Christmas tree in Piazza San Gennaro

A cura dell'Associazione Voli Pindarici

(scarica qui la locandina)


Feast of San GENNARO Bishop and Martyr

At 18:00 Evening Mass, the Holy Procession will follow

at 19:00 Ance Vibranti in concert

Andrea Bisogno | Accordion - Francesco Di Domenico | Clarinet.

The two artists will perform classical melodies from Bach to Piazzolla up to the famous Christmas arias of Sant'Alfonso and Mykola Leontovych.

MAde by A.M.C.A. Association





Sunday December 17th 2023

At 19:00 Church San Gennaro

Special Christmas Greeatings: A small show made by children and guys if the parish

  At 18:00 – Church San Luca - Solidarity Bingo  




Thursday December 21st, 2023

at 10:00 Church San Luca

Natale è …Christmas Show made by the students of the primary and secondary schools of Praiano.





Friday December 22nd, 2023

at 15:00 Piazza San Luca

Arriva Babbo Natale? Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Will Santa come with gifts and sweets this year? We think so and we will prepare for him a long red carpet, a place to park his sleigh, a beautiful Santa Throne and ... the letterbox where you can post your letter. Dances, games, tricks, balloons and lots of fun for everyone, waiting for his magical arrival.

Made by Animazione Comic.





Saturday December 23rd, 2023

at 19:00 Chiesa di San Gennaro

Solists Christmas Concert : Marianna Casola (piano), Maria Gargiulo (flute), Antonio Mazza (Violin), Luigi Talamo (guitar), Davide Gentile (piano), Luis De Gennaro (piano).

In collaboration with Praiano – Chamber e Jazz Music


Sunday December 24th, 2023

at 15.00 Santa Claus is coming to your home

With the Volunteers of the Amalfi Coast Red Cross, Santa Claus will knock on the doors of the houses of children who have sent their letter to him.

The Santa Claus Letter Box, will be available from December 15th at Bar Del Sole and Tutto per tutti Minimarket

Made by Amalfi Coast Rerd Cross Dept


Monday December 25th, 2023

NATALE DEL SIGNORE - Nativity of the Lord

Church San Luca and Church San Gennaro

At Midnight:Procession of Christ on the square - Solemn Mass.

Church San Luca Holy Masses at 10.30 – 17.30

Church San Gennaro Holy Masses at 9.– 11. – 18.

  At 18:00 – Chiesa San Luca - Solidariety Bingo  


Tuesday December 26th, 2023

At 19:00 Church San Gennaro

Luce per illuminare le genti (Light to enlighten the people) is the title of the concert that will ideally retrace the stages of waiting until you get to the joy of Christmas. The first part is dedicated to Mary the Mother, the second focuses on the Holy Night, the third announces the birth. Leading the choir will be the Maestro K. Veniero.

Made by the 35 elements of the Choir of SS. Trinità di Piano di Sorrento


Wednesday December 27th, 2023

At 19:00 Church San Gennaro

Il Magico Libro del Natale. (the Christmas Magic Book)

Dramatized readings for children and families. Storto and Diritto, storyteller and bungler, are Santa’s two traveling salesmen. Many stories to tell and pies to solve.

Made by Barattoli Cosmici.


Thurdsay December 28dicembre '23

At 14:30 Piazza San Gennaro

Caccia al Tesoro. (the Treasure Hunt). From 14:30 the San Gennaro Parish stuff will start an afternoon of pure fun, game, fantasy and creativity dedicated to all the guys of Praiano.

Made by San Gennaro Parish


Friday December 29, 2023

ChiesaSan Luca

Christmas Lunch The Praiano Town Hall, in collaboration with many volunteers, will organize the Christmas Lunch dedicated to the grandparents of Praiano. The initiative will be held in the Church of San Luca Evangelista.


Saturday December 30, 2023

At 19:00 – Church San Gennaro-Solidarity Bingo


Monday January 1st 2024

Church San Luca Masses at 11:00 – 17:30

Church San Gennaro Masses at 9.– 11. – 18.

at 19:00 Church San Luca

Gran Concerto di Capodanno. The first day of the new year, the people of Praiano will meet in the church of San Luca for the traditional Grand Concert of New Year: Viennese Waltz arranged by Maestro Giovanni Vuolo and masterfully interpreted by the award-winning orchestra "Città di Minori".

Made by A.M.C.A. (Amalfi Coast Music Association)


Thursday January 4th, 2024

at 19:00 – Church San Gennaro - Solidariety Bingo


Friday January 5th, 2024

At15:00 Piazza San Gennaro

La Befana vien di notte. La Befana is a cute old lady with long nose and sharp chin, she travels on a broom far and wide. She flies on the rooftops and, coming down from the chimneys, fills the stockings left hanging by children. In his sack, rich in gifts and sweets, there is always a good dose of ash and coal. La Befana will come to us with surprises, games, balloons, tricks, sweets and lots of fun for all the children of Praiano.

Made by Animazione Comic


Saturday January 6th, 2024

Epifania del Signore - Epiphany of the Lord

Church San Luca Masses at 10:30 – 17:30

Solidariety Bingo to follow

Church San Gennaro Masses at 9. – 11. - 18.

Santa Messa con Vangelo vivente. Corteo dei Magi e dei pastorelli.


Sunday January 7th, 2024

At 15:00 PARATA de LO CAPODANNO - New Year Parade

Will conclude the Christmas program the cheerful and energetic parade of “Gli Amici di Masaniello” (The Friends of Masaniello). With old instruments coming from the old agriculture they will revolutionize the afternoon of Praiano until the evening where, in Piazza San Luca, will be held the grand finale.

At 18.30 Parade Finale in Piazza San Luca.

Made by Omnibus Tovere Association and San Luca Parish


All the events are free of admittance. If for any reason we are obliged to change locations or dates we will advise via the official Facebook page of the Praiano Town Hall or on the official Facebook page of the Praiano Christmas events



For any further information please contact : Praiano Tourist Information Office Ph 0039 089874557 – Mob or Whatapp 0039 342 060 2674


Event realized by :
Comune di Praiano
Associazione Pelagos
In collaboration with :
Distretto Turistico - Costa d'Amalfi
Parrocchia di San Luca Ev.
Parrocchia di San Gennaro V. e M.
Associazione Praiano Chamber and Jazz Music