from Dec. 6th, 2018 to Jan 13th, 2019


Thursday Dec. 6th, 2018
Chiesa di San Gennaro
at 7.00am/9.00am/11.00am Holy Mass
9.00 Opening BENEFIT MARKET for the association CARITAS

at6pm Evening Mass– Holy Procession
at 7. pm
IL PANE DELLA SOLIDARIETA’The homemade bread Feast





Saturday Dec. 8 Dicembre, 2018
Chiesa San Luca Ev.
at 10.30am – 5.30pm Holy Masses

Chiesa di San Gennaro V. e M.
at 9am/11am/6.00pm Holy Masses

at 7. pm Charity Bingo (Tombola)

Piazza San Luca Ev. (download the leaflet)
from 2.30pm IL NATALE è … la FESTA DEI BAMBINI! (Christmas is the children feast) Santa Claus elves arrive in Praiano with surprises and games: Christmas music to dance together, balloons, make-up for all children and ... cotton candy. By Animazione Comic




8/9 Dec., 2018
Piazza San Luca
dalle ore 10.00 Esposizione di artigianato locale, addobbi natalizi e idee regalo.





Sunday Dec. 9th 2018
Chiesa San Luca
At 6.30 pm IL NATALE BAROCCO (to download the leaflet)
The orchestra I Divergenti, M° Vincenzo Scannapieco (piccolo fule) and M° Gioacchino Mansi (Euphonium) will perform baroque music on the Christmas Time. by Ass. ne Musicale A.M.C.A.





Thursday Dec. 13, 2018

Chiesa San Luca Ev. / Chiesa S. Gennaro V. e M.
at 5.30pm/6.00pm Holy Masses and Solemn eyes blessing.





Saturday Dec. 15t, 2018
Piazza e Campetto San Luca
SPORTS-MIND TOGETHER (to download the leaflet)
from 11.00 am Prayer for all children and young people. Following lunch and games at the San Luca' s field until 4pm. Will open The Event a show by the students of the Gymnastic Course of the Gym Gaetano Scirea (choreography by the teacher Emilia Guadagno).
For information and registrations : Praiano Tourist Information Office tel. 089874557 - info@praiano.org. (before 13/12/2018)
Organized by the Italian Red Cross Association - Amalfi Coast Dept. In collaboration with the Parish of San Luca Evangelista and the Gym Gaetano Scirea.


Sunday Dec. 16th, 2018
Chiesa San Gennaro V. e M.
Holy Patronage of S. GENNARO
at 6pm Evening Mass and Holy Procession.

at 7.pm Triotarantae in “NATALEA”.
A journey into the musical tradition of Christmas in our region Campania. Sounds and atmosphere that will bring the guest back to the Neapolitan '700, the most intense and active historical period for Neapolitan art. The sacred ballads and the stories of the poets on the theme of the Nativity make the show an exciting moment.
Anna Lucia Pierro (Reciting Voice) - Emidio Ausiello (Percussions, framed drums) - Luigi Staiano (Accordion and Voice) - Mimmo Scippa (Beating Guitar and Voice)
. By Acquariosonoro Association




Thursday Dec. 20th, 2018
Nursery School
At 10am "A crib to be seen" Christmas event organised by teachers and children of theChildhood School of Praiano



  Friday Dec. 21st, 2018
Chiesa San Luca E.
At 11.30 am The Primary School "E. De Filippo "and The Secondary Secondary School" A. Gatto "students of Praiano will perform Christmas carols.




Sunday Dec. 23rd, 2018
Centro Culturale Andrea Pane (right in front of the San Gennaro's Church)
From 2.30pm to 5.30pm THE SANTA CLAUS HOUSE
All the children are welcomed by Santa and his Elves home. Elves will involve all children in games and dances. A nice juggler with gags and games will cheer the afternoon. By Animazione Comic

Chiesa di San Gennaro
At 11.00am Holy Mass
at 7.pm Charity Bingo (Tombola).

Chiesa San Luca Ev.
At Charity Bingo (Tombola).




  Monday Dec. 24th, 2018
from 3.00pm "
The Volunteers of the Italian Red Cross Association Amalfi Coast Dept. and Santa Claus will walk to the homes of the children of Praiano. Santa's box will be available from December 15th at: Tutto Per Tutti and Bar del Sole.





Tuesday Dec. 25th 2018
Chiesa San Luca Ev. e Chiesa di S. Gennaro  V. e M.
at Midnight: Holy Processions- Solemn Masses.

Chiesa San Luca Ev. SS. Holy Masses At 10.30am – 5.30pm
Chiesa San Gennaro V. e M. SS. Holy Masses At 9.am– 11.am –6.pm

Chiesa di San Gennaro V. e M.
AT 7. PM  Myriam Lattanzio in “INCANTI DI NATALE”.
The folk tale "o 'cunto", pastoral harmonies, songs of the people, the poetry in the tradition, the ancient legends in the characters of the "Cantata dei Pastori", the popular festival.
Myriam Lattanzio (Voice), Maria Pacilio (Reciting Voice), Martina Mollo (Keyboard and Accordion),
Caterina Bianco (Violin), Carlos Moratalla (Guitar) - Directed M ° Martina Mollo






Wednesdays Dec. 26th 2018
Chiesa San Luca Ev.
Ore 6.30pm Presentation of the book "The wonders of the Amalfi Coast: Vettica Maggiore and Praiano" by Gennaro Pane.






Thursday Dec. 27th, 2018
Chiesa di Santa Maria a Castro – Convento di San Domenico
At 12 pm Christmas at SAN DOMENICO Convent
Holy Mass and pic-nic by the Convent square.





Piazza San Luca
At 6.30pm CHRISTMAS FOOD FESTIVAL Street food Parade and Music by A PARANZA DO TRAMUNTAN, a Folk orchestra coming from Tramonti: dance and popular music.






Sunday Dec. 30th 2018
From Piazza San Luca to Piazza San Gennaro
An exciting musical "walk" through the streets of the town.
O 'Tramuntano and its orchestra will cheer the New Year's Eve with songs, melodies and folk dances typical of the end of the year throughout the Campania region.

Chiesa San Luca Ev.
At 6.pm Charity Bingo (tombola)

By the CARITAS parrocchiale





Monday Dec. 31st, 2018
Solemn Mass and Te Deum
Chiesa S. Luca E. (at 5.30 pm) - Chiesa S. Gennaro V. e M. (at 6.00 pm)

Piazza San Luca at 11.30 pm Brindisi with the Municipal Council and the "End of the year show" with PEPPE GAGLIANO. To welcome the new year the greatest hits of Italian and international music, from the 80s / 90s to now.





Tuesdat January 1st 2019
Opening of the new year
Chiesa San Luca Ev. Holy Masse at 10.30am – 5.30pm
Chiesa di S. Gennaro  V. e M. Holy Masses at 9. am – 11.am - 6.pm 

Chiesa San Luca Evangelista
At 6.30 CONCERT of the NEW Year
Lyrical-symphonic concert of the Band Concerto "Citta di Minori" two wonderful lyrical voices directed by Maestro Giovanni Vuolo. The program includes the most famous waltzes of the Viennese tradition.





Thursday January 3rd, 2019
Centro Culturale Andrea Pane (right in front of the Church of San Gennaro)

From 2.30 pm

IL NATALE E' LA FESTA DEI BAMBINI (Christmas is the children feast)
Beauty and the Beast 1.5

The brave and dreamy Belle and the grumpy Beast come back to relive their gripping and moving love story in the enchanted castle, animated by talking objects and magical secrets. Exciting will be living this special story, with emotion, fun and amazement.





Saturday Jan 5th, 2019
Piazza San Luca – Museo Parrocchiale
IL NATALE è … la FESTA DEI BAMBINI! (Christmas is the children feast)
from 2.30 pm
BEFANA arrives to bring wonderful news! Magician NELLO will delight us with his games of prestige and animation. At the end of the event the Befana will give to the children sock full of sweets.





Sunday Jan. 6th, 2019
Epifania del Signore
Chiesa San Luca Ev.
at 10.30am Holy Mass
Ore 5.30pm Holy Mass with the arrival of Magi
Ore 6.30pm Charity Bingo (tombola)

Chiesa S. Gennaro V. e M.
from 10 am to 4pm CACCIA AL TESORO
At 6. pm Holy Mass with Magi in corteo.






Sunday Jan 13th, 2019
At 4.30
Folk Orchestra E’ SECACORNE. Folk Music parade through Praiano streets.

Chiesa San Luca Ev.
At 5.30 pm Holy Mass
at 6.30 Ending of the parade in Piazza San Luca.











Il programma potrà subire variazioni senza preavviso.

INFO: Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche di Praiano tel. 089.874.557 – info@praiano.org.

Evento realizzato da:
Comune di Praiano
Associazione Pelagos
In collaborazione con :
Parrocchia di San Luca Ev.
Parrocchia di San Gennaro V. e M.
Distretto Turistico Turistico Costa d'Amalfi
Istituto Comprensivo “L. Porzio” Praiano e Positano
AIL - Associazione italiana contro le leucemie-linfomi e mieloma
CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA - Comitato di Costa Amalfitana