from December 6th to January 7th, 2023




December 6th, 2022

FESTA DI S. NICOLA (at 6am bell singing announcing the feast)

Holy Masses at 7:00am, at 9:00am

At 6m Holy Mass the procession on the church square will follow.




Holy Masses
Church of San Luca Evangelist: at 10:30am – 5:30pm
Church of San Gennaro: At 9:00 am -11:00 am - 6 pm


Christmas Markets
Piazza San Luca from 10am
Local Handcraft, Christmas decorations and gift.


(from December 8th to December 10th) Christmas Star distribution for charity

Piazza Antico Seggio / Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche

These days are dedicated to the italian association AIL: to raise awareness of blood diseas issues.


Until December 31st, 2022

Congrega del Rosario

Exibition: “Naples city of songs: Pasolini and the neapolitan songs” made by Bideri Foundation


December 10th, 22

Congrega del Rosario at 7am

The romantic colors of the music - A romantic jouney from Naples to Paris

Authors: Longo, Doppler, Tchaikovsky Demesserman, Ravel, Briccialdi.

Mario Pio Ferrante (flute)

Raffaele Maisano (piano)

Dedicated by the italian association of Flautists to the San Luca Parish




December 16th 22
Patrocinio di San Gennaro V. e M.

Chiesa San Gennaro V. e M.

Evening Mass at 6pm.

THE THIRS MIRACLE OF SAN GENNARO : In memory of the narrow escape from the Vesuvius eruption dated back on December 16, 1631.

At 7 pm the Christmas Three at the church will be lighted.




December 17th, 2022

Chiesa San Luca Evangelista

At 6:30pm - Christmas Concert for Piano, Double-Bass and Voice

Valeria Attianese (Soprano) Annamaria Napolitano (Mezzo-soprano) Gianni Stocco (Double-Bass) Geminiano Mancusi (Piano).

Made by Praiano Chambre and Jazz Music Association




December 18th, 22

Chiesa San Gennaro V. e M.

Christmas 2022 with the Rotary Club Costiera Amalfitana.

After the eveninig Mass (6:45pm) Rotary Club Merit Award for the pure talents of the Amalfi Coast. Declamations of poems in memory of the priest and poet Domenico Irace.


December 20th, 2022

Chiesa di San Gennaro V. e M.

At 7:30pm - Christmas concert made by “La Coriola”

Christmas melodies from the neapolitan tradition to the Nordic Eurooean and American ones.




December 22nd, 2022

Chiesa di San Gennaro V. e M.

at 6:30pm - Christmas Stars | Catechism children representation


December 23rd, 2022

Sala Principale Infopoint (via Cella – Costantinopoli)

At 3pm - the tale: Alarm in the Crib

What happens if a child sets in the Crib up an indian,an aviator and a dolly ? the show comes from the tale of Gianni Rodari, and has three different endings: to the childrem participant the task to choose the best one and represent it in a big living crib.

Made by Idea Live APS


December 25th, 2022


Holy Masses : Chiesa San Luca at 10.30am -5.30pm | Chiesa San Gennaro V. e M. ore– – 6pm.


December 26th, 2022

Chiesa San Luca Evangelista

At 7pm - Suoni d'Ancia

A concert with harmonic paths between traditional music from the baroque era to the '800 Pietro Cernuto (Friscaletto) Domenico Sodano (Organ) Pietro Pisano (bagpipes).

made by the Amalfi Coast Music Association


December 27th, 2022

Centro Culturale "Andrea Pane"

at 4:30 - Charles Darwin. The man, his big trip and evolution theory (J. V. Wyhe).

The author summarizes 25 years of research in the life of the famous scientist. Roberto Sandulli (Professor of zoology and maine biology at the Parthenope University of Naples), is the translator and the editor of the italian edition.


December 28th, 2022

Chiesa di San Gennaro V. e M.

ore 7:30pm - Peppe Servillo & Ambrogio Sparagna in Fermarono i Cieli

The concert propose popular and religious chants. Someone of that are composed by the italian artist and musician Ambrogio Sparagna and the original interpretation of the italian singer Peppe Servillo. Between the musical instruments there will be a old big-pipe about 2 meters high.


December 29th, 2022

Sala Principale Infopoint (via Cella – Costantinopoli)

ore 3pm - the tale: Alice in Wonderland 1.5

A fantastic journey viaggio in the wonderland with Alice, a baby that meets che incontra surreal characters full of contradiction: Caterpillar, Mad Hatter ... A stoy full of deep messsages that will help the children participants to value obedience, but at the same time never losing the imagination.

Made by Idea Live APS


December 30th, 2022

Museo Parrocchiale - Parrocchia San Luca

At 3pm- Big Tombolata of the end of the year dedicated to the Grandparents of Praiano from the Mayor and the Counselors of the Town hall.




December 31st, 2022


Solemn Holy mass of the end of the year - Te Deum thanksgiving

Chiesa S. Luca Ev. at 5:30pm | Chiesa S. Gennaro V. e M. at 6pm


January 1st, 2023

Chiesa di San Gennaro V. e M.

Holy Masses

Chiesa San Luca Ev. at 10:30am – 5:30pm | Chiesa San Gennaro V.M. at 9. am– 11. am– 6pm.

at 7:30pm New year's concert

Viennese waltzes arranged by the Maestro Giovanni Vuolo and performed by the 35 elements of the Minori orchestra.

made by the E. Grieg Association



January 5th, 2023

Sala Principale Infopoint (via Cella – Costantinopoli)

ore 3pm - The tale : THE LITTLE PRINCE

"All the grown-up were children but only few of them remember it" (Saint-Exupéry).

Little prince iccolo Principe, in fondo touches everyone's heart, , at whatever age you discover it. It is the fantastic meeting of an aviator who crashed his plane in the desert and a strange boy who felt from the stars.

Made by Idea Live APS


January 6th, 2023

Epiphany of the Lord

Holy Masses : Chiesa San Luca at 10:30am –5:30pm | Chiesa di S. Gennaro ore – - 6pm


7 Gennaio '23

Along the streets of Praiano : A' Paranz d'o tramuntano. (a popular walking band)

At 4:30 Piazza San Luca

at 6:30 Piazza San Gennaro

The joy and the euphoria of the first days of the year singind and dancing on the folk songs melodies performed with the old and typical instrumentsi (tammorre, accordium, castagnette putipu', bag-pipe anc ciaramelle).


the program may change without advises please check each event contacting

INFO: Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche di Praiano

Whats app 0039 342 060 26 74 - Phone 0039 089.874.557 -


The event is realized by:
Comune di Praiano
Associazione Pelagos
In cooperation with:
Distretto Turistico - Costa d'Amalfi
Parrocchia di San Luca Ev.
Parrocchia di San Gennaro V. e M.
Associazione Praiano Chamber and Jazz Music
Thanks for the collaboration to La Divina Amalfi Coast